How can The Employability Trust support your business?

The Employability Trust can support your business by providing you with the ability to outsource any professional aspects of your production which may not provide you with the margins you require, or do not have the facilities time, nor space to fulfill. As part of a larger contract win you may have smaller elements which need fulfilling but you wish to outsource, The Employability Trust have the skills and ability to satisfy and professionally complete these on your behalf.

Backed by over 40 years of world-class manufacturing and production experience we have the ability to instill and adopt your industry operating standards and procedures, ensuring that any work is carried out to your complete and exacting standards.

In addition to our operating capabilities, our 1500sq ft unit offers you storage facilities for items you may wish to store off-site. For example you may be operating an eCommerce website with products that require storage, with a view to sending out on request, we can facilitate the storage and sending of those units.

As a result of our stringent recruitment procedures and our specialist skills in adopting your industry operating standards, we can essentially establish a specialist recruitment and training academy for your business, developing key members of production staff for the future. Thus saving you money and time on sourcing new skilled labour and training.

How can your business support The Employability Trust?

Your business can provide support for The Employability Trust in a multitude of ways.
Through the outsourcing of working through the Trust you are providing young and unemployed people with the opportunity to develop new skills and gain valuable experience of working within industry standard procedures. Facilitating professional contracts within a live industry environment provides the ideal situation to develop the skills required to progress into employment within the manufacturing and engineering sector.

In addition to outsourcing industry tasks, you may also be able to initiate and facilitate skills exchanges with the Trust, either by providing short-term or long-term work placements, or through the integration of skilled members of your organisation within the trust, A guest visit from a skilled member of your workforce could provide a vital boost or knowledge injection for the Trust team. We can adopt and develop your specific operating practices to allow for easy insertion into your workforce to gain vital live onsite operating experience, in addition to our own facilities.

The Trust has benefited massively from the donation of equipment and facilities from local companies, across various sectors, from forklifts, desks, tools, computers and servers through to storage solutions. So, if you have any equipment, machinery or tools that you wish to donate then please let us know.

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